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We understand the importance of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) forum for you as to clear out some jammed question covering our field of cooperations. Here are some FAQs we would like to provide before you're ready to join us in a whole new level. Whether the answers does not straightened up your twirling thread in mind, you could always ask us using the inquiry in Contact Us. Hope you've got the information you need.

Does Technoplast serve export?

Yes, we are already in export sales business for over 10 years.

Do you certification proving your items food grade?

Yes, our goods have been tested to be food grade and pass European standard.

Can you provide health certificate and other legalized documents?

Yes, the cost of the basic shipping documents mentioned above are included in the price. any documents apart from the basic can be issued with the charge being covered by the customer.

Can you include the freight cost or insurance?

Yes, the basic unit price is FOB. Should customer prefer CIF, CNF, or other incoterm, price will be re-calculated to cover freight or insurance, etc.

Can we use our own license and designs?

Yes, we accept OEM for customers who want to use their own designs. For every batch of new design, there is a plate set up charge.

Can Technoplast help with the package designs?

Yes, our design team can help you determine the best type of resins for your use as well as help you with aesthetic considerations of shape and color, or with functional characteristics such as handle and finger grip design.

Can Technoplast develop new mold based on my preference?

We definitely can, we would help you in developing new items which are suitable for your market.

Can I still order if the quantity is less than 1 x 40 HQ?

Yes, we will pro-rate the shipment cost and re-calculate the price.

Can I request for sample?

Yes, samples are free-of-charge; delivery should be covered by the requester.

Can I go to your factory to do inspection?

Yes, you could do inspection subjected to an approval from our management.


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