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The Challenge of Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution to Always Have a Cold Temperature

The Challenge of Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution to Always Have a Cold Temperature

(Left to right) Vice President of Technoplast Sjamsoe Fadjar Indra, Director of Technoplast Ellies Kiswoto, and Kristoforus Hendra.

The covid-19 vaccination program, which began in January 2021, has had an important impact in handling cases in Indonesia. With a vaccination target of 181,554,465 people, the government strives to provide the best service by continuing to increase vaccine injections to reach the target of one million a day.

Based on data from the Committee for Handling Covid-19 and National Economic Recovery (KPCPEN), as of April 10, 2021, from the target vaccination target of 181,554,465, only around 5,050,524 people have completed two stages of vaccination. Acting Director General of P2P Ministry of Health Maxi Rein Rondonuwu said Indonesia's vast geographical conditions with a population of 270 million people and a tropical climate are the main challenges in implementing the covid-19 vaccination. This is mainly related to the distribution process and ensuring the safety of vaccines to the recipient.

"In vaccine distribution, a cold chain distribution circuit is needed. Vaccines must always be in certain cold conditions in their storage container to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the vaccine," he said.

He added that there are several things that must be considered in preparing the vaccine distribution plan, namely the availability of vehicles, availability and capacity of refrigeration facilities / equipment according to the characteristics of the vaccine, distribution schedule, maximum and minimum stock levels of vaccines, and the interval time of vaccines according to the type of vaccine.

"During the distribution process, it must be ensured that the quality of the Covid-19 vaccine is well maintained. Therefore, vaccine monitoring must be carried out throughout the distribution process. From Biofarma to the provinces, Bio Tracking and Bio Detect are used, which are equipped with freeze alerts, travel routes, and quality of vaccine quality during the trip. provide an early warning when there is a significant change in temperature and it can have an impact on the quality of the vaccine, "he explained at the Virtual Media Discussion on the Challenges of the Distribution of the Covid-19 Vaccine to Remote Areas of Indonesia, Tuesday (20/4).

For this reason, the government highly appreciates the efforts and involvement of stakeholders who have taken part in supporting the success of the covid-19 vaccination program. The Covid-19 Vaccination Advocacy Team for the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association (PB IDI) Dr. Kristoforus Hendra Djaya agrees that the main thing that must be considered in implementing vaccine distribution is ensuring that the quality of the vaccines received by the community is maintained during delivery so that the vaccines remain effective.

"There must be a distribution system that is well planned and supported by the availability of reliable vaccine storage containers during the cold chain distribution according to the required specifications," he said. IDI, he continued, fully supports the implementation of covid-19 vaccination in Indonesia and until now continues to provide education about its benefits in supporting the government to reduce the spread of the corona virus in Indonesia.

"One of the challenges and obstacles we have encountered so far include the reluctance of the public to participate in the covid-19 vaccination program related to circulating issues such as expired or damaged vaccines upon receipt. For this reason, we are from the PB IDI Covid-19 Vaccination Advocacy Team. continuously providing education about the benefits and safety of the covid-19 vaccine, "explained Kristo who is also an Internist and Vaccologist at Inharmony Clinic.

Chief of Medical Halodoc, Dr. Irwan Heriyanto MARS, also agreed that the successful implementation of covid-19 vaccination must be supported by all parties. "The role of the private sector, especially those with the resources and competence, will accelerate the success of the national covid-19 vaccination program," he said. He added, Halodoc as one of the platforms that has experience in providing integrated health services positively welcomes the covid-19 vaccination program. This is manifested in the form of providing drive-thru services for covid-19 vaccination.

"We provide a drive-thru service for vaccination in collaboration with GoJek, which provides transportation services through GoCar for vulnerable groups who do not own a vehicle. To get this service, you only need to download the Halodoc application and follow the instructions in the application," he said.

Halodoc realizes that there are still many challenges to be overcome in providing health services to the public, including the technical process in the vaccine distribution system, from collection at the provincial health office to vaccination centers. To that end, he invited all parties including the media to continue to support positively the covid-19 vaccination program. "Let's build a conducive atmosphere together for the successful implementation of the covid-19 vaccination," he said.

In conducting vaccines, the Head of Administration and Compliance of the Serviam Vaccination Center, Bettia M Bermawi, explained that the elderly need assistance, clear education, and often have comorbidities so it is better not to delay vaccination if they are in a suitable condition for vaccination.


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